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Canadian County Master Gardeners Monthly Meeting August 2022

Guest Speaker Casey Hentges of Oklahoma Gardening

This month's meeting had an excellent turnout with around sixty Master Gardeners, MG interns, future MG students, and other people interested in gardening attending. Christine Stoner's Hospitality Committee did an amazing job as usual and there was lots of yummy food on a beautiful table to enjoy before and during the meeting.

Some highlights of the business meeting were hearing from Janet Horner on many exciting things going on at the BlueSTEM Pollinator Gardens and Susan Dobbins on Wildhorse Gardens and the Kids in the Garden program. Wildhorse Gardens has also received a hydroponic growing system through Kiwanis that will help them grow even more produce.

Carol Balson, Activities Chair, announced an upcoming field trip to Deep Fork Tree Farm in Arcadia on September 13.

Clifford Cagle, Greenhouse Chairman, has shut down the greenhouse for the season and removed the only plant that was there, a survivor tree sapling. There will be a tree planting demonstration this fall as part of the Master Gardener training class September 14, weather permitting, and this tree will be planted on the south side of the Extension Office.

Wildhorse Gardens will have their Master Gardener Booth on Saturdays through September.

Courtney Keck, Horticultural Educator, announced the training class for class counselors went well and

the latest Master Gardener class begins August 31st.

The Canadian County Fair is coming up August 24-27, Courtney encourages us to enter our flowers and produce.

Our September meeting presenter will be our very own Janet Horner, who will discuss Gardening for Monarchs.

Guest Speaker--Casey Hentges

Raised Beds & Backyard Demonstration Gardens

We were all very excited to see and hear Casey speak on different methods to build raised beds. She also showed pictures and described the Backyard Demonstration Gardens at the OSU Botanic Gardens in Stillwater.

An excellent turnout!

Casey shared this unretouched photo of her working on her farm in Perry. ;)

Wise words on gardening.

Candice Parker, Merry Parker, and Casey Hentges, who used to be the Horticultural Educator here and started our Master Gardener program!

We are some of Casey's biggest fans!

Thanks to everyone who attended this month's meeting and we hope to see you again next month!

Photo credits, Shelly Collins, Janet Horner, and Patti Ingram

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