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March Meeting--Spring is Just Around the Corner!

The CCMG had another excellent meeting this month.

As usual, Hospitality had lots of wonderful food to share.

There are many upcoming events for Master Gardeners to attend or volunteer at, including Mollie Spencer Farm Open House in Yukon on April 1st, our Spring Plant Swap at the Yukon Community Center on April 15th, a greenhouse workday on March 15th, an upcoming field trip to Taggart's Garden Center in Hennessey on Wednesday, March 22, and various garden projects workdays in El Reno, Mustang, and Piedmont.

We heard that the CCMG participation in the Mustang Chocolate Festival went very well and our volunteers made so many scrumptious chocolate treats there were even some left to share at the meeting.

Merry Parker told us the Tshirt fundraising went well, and we have an amazing new all-purpose tool to sell with our other MG products. Donna Warren reported that she was very pleased with her committee volunteers and the excellent job they did proofing and editing the recipes for our new cookbook, which has gone to print and will hopefully be available within about four or five weeks.

Things are slowly gearing up at our Garden Projects sites all over the county. Candice Parker reported excellent progress so far on the new Mustang Beautification project at Good Shepherd in Yukon and more to come at the corner of Hwy 152 and Mustang Road this week. She has a great group of enthusiastic MGs and MG interns.

Bluestem Pollinator Gardens got a clean-up on Monday under the direction of Janet Horner and with several MGs and MG interns, the work went quickly. The interns got a tour of the BlueSTEM basement and the many ongoing agricultural science projects they have down there.

Wildhorse Gardens got onions planted on March 1st. Susan Dobbins reminds us to follow Wildhorse Gardens & Market Facebook page or sign up for their email updates for workday information.

Shelly Collins needs to know as soon as possible if you want to help her with the Master Gardener booth at the Festival of the Child in Yukon on May 6th (9:00am-4:00pm, whenever you’re available). They’ll be making seed bombs with the kids that come through, and are looking at doing an additional kids gardening craft or activity. She can give you details if you’re interested.

Our speaker was our very own Gayla Thompson, Master Gardener 2015, who taught us about soil blocking. She brought all the supplies needed to make seed-starting soil blocks and even demonstrated making and planting them. Advantages of this method include faster and higher germination rates, space-saving, and elimination of transplant shock.

It is possible to start thousands of seedlings in a very small space this way. Everyone was very impressed with her demonstration.

We hope to see you at the April 4th meeting, where our guest speaker will be our very own Tim "The Tomato Man" Davis, Master Gardener 2020. He will be speaking about---tomatoes!

The link to the March meeting agenda pdf is here.

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