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January Meeting--Starting The Year Off Strong!

The Canadian County Master Gardeners had excellent attendance for the first meeting of 2023. It's always a good meeting when we have to break out more tables and chairs.

As always Christine Stoner and the Hospitality Committee delivered wonderful food to start the day.

The meeting began with approving and swearing in our new officers, President Karen Tinsley, Vice President Melinda Rushing, and Treasurer Joyce Wilson. Congratulations, ladies!

Merry Parker delivered great news about the fundraising from 2022. The MG Craft Sale was a success.

January meetings are always full of plans for the upcoming year, and our 2023 will be chock full of fun and educational activities. Various committees have already started work getting ready for the State Master Gardener Conference that we will host in October. Additionally, we have many workshops, field trips, and project work days coming in the next months.

Exciting things will be going on at Wildhorse Gardens this spring and summer, Susan Dobbins reported.

Today's special presentation was courtesy of 2022 Master Gardener Interns Anita McNeil and Larie Hunter, who taught our group about Olla gardening, a very clever and efficient method for irrigating plants using terracotta pots. They were both funny and informative. We are glad to have them in our organization!

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 7th.

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